About the project

This is a map web service based on huge raster maps or satellite images. Here, each registered user can place any objects (houses, images, goods offers, music clips etc) into a virtual map. In other words, project is a "in-map" geo-database  of such objects. Also project is used for the mobile objects monitoring via GPS-GPRS. Some built-in services are implemented: e-mail service, chat service.


* Navigation: moving, scaling, rotation by any angle;
* User object operations: create, edit, clone, destroy, import, export;
* User built-in services: chat, e-mail;
* Security: user's management, security profiles, user resource profiles, user's roles;
* Confidentiality: RC5 encoded communication packets;
* Objects capacity: tested on more than 2000000 visualizations array;
* Objects export/import: XML;
* Client objects state updating: updating by time interval using client context, updating via a server update-notifications subscription;
* Functionality extensions: plug-ins;
* Communication protocol: XML-SOAP (zipped and encoded SOAP packets via HTTP);
* Other: Client program is no installation needed, work over HTTP-Proxy, huge raster images support, a loaded object's context caching, support for the mobile objects GPS monitoring, client program supports offline mode (ability to view the map of the loaded context when the server is unavailable).

To download and install project client click here.