View, Alter space structure (for root user only)

Here is about on how to change space layers structure. First, you should shutdown "Space-SOAP-Server" (see in the server command center). Next step is to launch full client (look for a "\ServerProxySpace\ServerProxySpace.exe"). Type the "ROOT" user name and password. Select "Space-Reforma" user proxy-space. Wait a moment for a client started. Now you see client window:

Press "configuration" button, you should see space layers structure list, like this:

To show the list of  a layer objects just double click on the layer item.

Use a mouse left mouse button (drag up or down) to change a layer level. To create or destroy the layer use a layer item context menu:

Note ! You can remove only the layer at top of the list and the layer must be emptied (no own objects exist) before destruction. If you want to remove an item at the middle of the list just move it to the top. When you are creating a new layer, it will be always created on the top of the layers.

ATTENTION !: After the space structure is altered you must RESTART the project servers to avoid a space errors due to the invalid space caches.