Create a segmented raster image

Here is about how to create a huge raster satellite image as a map background. At first, login to the project as "ROOT". Press a segment-image create item, like this:

Next, you see a prototype for creating:

Set the object position, angle and scale. Press "YES" to commit a creation, now you see a segmented image properties panel:

Next, switch to the editing mode (by pressing the "Editing" check box) and select a segment prototype (see above the red rounded area). "Sputnik" edit element appears. Now move this element to a free cell of the segmented image, and create the segment clone for it (see "clone" button below).

Now new segment created and properties panel of the image appears:

Next, get the image context menu and prepare a raster image. About on how to prepare (generate) the segment see here.

Finally, when all segments are created and generated we needs to re-align the segments, like this:

When align is processed you should see a well-formed segmented image.


Segment image structure altering.

If a segments image cell structure needs to be altered (for example, for a new a segments), do following steps:

See controls above to change the cell-visualization columns or rows count.