Edit the visualization object

At first, check "Editing" check box on reflector status bar and select object to edit.


There are tree ways to edit a visual object:


1. Using "SPUTNIK" element for linear transformations - scaling, moving, rotating

This mode is by default and you should see a "sputnik" after reflector has been switched to the editing mode. Like this



Now you can use transformation elements (by left mouse button) to change the object. Press "YES" button to validate the changes.



2. Using in-place object figure editing

To use this mode switch off the "SPUTNIK" check box. You should see following:



Use in-place handles you can change object figure nodes and line width.



3. Using standalone object editor

After object selected press editor button:



Standalone editor is open:



All object operations are the same as described for in-place editor but more fast plus you can change object figure flags and colors.



To alter other visualization properties use object properties panel.

Press selected object properties panel button and you should see a panel:




Here items: