configure the project for using a GPS program module

GPS objects monitoring schema:


Configuration includes:


1. GPS program module is include two components: GPS socket server and GPS socket client. Both written by C# (GPL license) and available for download. GPS socket server was added to minimize traffic between mobile object and server. For security reasons that traffic is encrypted by the project user password hash.


1.1 GPS socket client configuration.

To edit client configuration locate file "config.ini" where client executable file placed and open it by NotePad. You should see following:


If configuration is well-formed client program looks like this:

remarks: Item "Satellites in view" shows how many satellites are visible for receiver. At least 3 satellites required for the geo coordinates calculation. Item "Precision" shows coordinates deviation.


1.2 GPS socket server configuration.

Like described above, server configuration located in file "config.ini" where client executable file placed. Open it by NotePad. There are only 3 items:

Finally, you need to describe project users that will be used for authenticate a GPS client incoming requests and describe mobile objects for the users. Here is server main window:

To edit users and their mobile objects press "Show Users" button:

All operations via context menu. To edit mobile object properties click on object:



2. Project space configuration.


2.1. Choosing a mobile object visualization.

To select a visualization that will represents the mobile object double click on the visualization properties panel surface. You see dialog window:

Remember "Type" and "ID" it is to be used for GPS client/server configuration.


2.2. Binding satellite image to the geo coordinates.

This image binding is for how received geo coordinates (latitude, longitude) be converted into the relative project coordinates X, Y. Position precision needs to be done this work with maximum accuracy. There is special built-in component is used for image binding - "Geodesy point". When we created "Segmented image" that component is created at left-top corner of image. See below:

Binding point of "Geodesy-point" visualization is a transformation node. This node is defined by Latitude, Longitude and X, Y. Coordinate system ID defines Coordinate system that geodesy point belong to. Usually there is one coordinate system per project. Below you can see a satellite image binding for a small town placed deep in forest:

Now if we are monitoring mobile object near that place (and using CrdSysID = 3 for the coordinates transformations), we can see a valid object position on screen.