Configure server-soap-server (SpaceHTTPSOAPServer.exe)

To configure the soap-server click on a server tray icon, you see a server title window:

To edit a general configuration press "configuration" button.

Default settings description of the configuration file is here:

  BindingIP=                       //. local IP address
Port=80                                            //. port where soap-http-server is listen
  MaxConnections=30                       //. max number of the concurrent connections
  ListenQueue=50                              //. a queue length of the incoming requests
  HTMLRootFolder=VT                    //. http requests root folder (work as http server)
  MaxSOAPThreadPool=20              //. max number of a soap worker threads
  MaxHostRequestsPerSec=1000      //. max number of a requests per second that are allowed for a one client host
  MaxUserRequestsPerSec=1000      //. max number of a requests per second that are allowed for a one user
  RequestsRestrictions=1                    //. use user requests restriction list
  IncomingDayLimit = 2000                //. max incoming traffic size per day (Mb)
  OutgoingDayLimit = 2000                //. max outgoing traffic size per day (Mb)
  HostUserActionsLogEnabled=1       //. save user requests statistics if = 1
  HostUserActionIncomingLimit=0      //. a host user max incoming traffic size (Mb)
  HostUserActionOutgoingLimit=0      //. a host user max outgoing traffic size (Mb)
    SegmentFilesStorage = ..\ServerSpace\DATA\Space\TypesSystem\DetailedPictureVisualizations  //. folder where a "segment image" segments are stored


To view a users requests statistics or to edit a user restrictions press "SOAP requests" button.


To view or disable/enable a soap actions press "SOAP actions" button.