Segment image editor

  Segment image editor tool is intended to perform various operations on in-project segmented image.







"New" - create new level to segmented image

"Del" - remove bottom level of image

"Check" check wellformed-ness of segmented image

"All" - selected all segments of current level (selection by holding mouse left button)

"Clear" - clear selection

"Down" - selected segments of down level based on the current level selection

"Empty" - empty selected segments of current level and all segments of down levels

"Move" - move selected segments to target place

"Edit" - edit selected segments region in standalone editor (PaintBrush)

"Regen" - regeneration selected segments region based on segments of down level. Each level segment is sum of 4 segments of a down level with some image degradation

"Degen" - degeneration  selected segments. That is each segment of level is divided into 4 segments of down level with some image redundancy.

"Export","Import" - export selected segments region into jpeg tiles and import selected region from jpeg tiles.


Configuration steps before using:

1. Locate file MySQLParams.cfg and set "User_Name" and "Password" items according to your account on MySQL server.

2. When you click a "Open " button, locate a project folder "..\ServerSpace\DATA\Space\TypesSystem\DetailedPictureVisualizations\" and open a folder that named as ID of segmented image you want to edit.